Pit-Bull VX by Alpine Armoring

Pit-Bull VX from Alpine Armoring

The Pit-Bull VX®  manufactured by Alpine Armoring is a fortress on wheels, designed for those who take their security seriously, especially for the law enforcement community. However, a non-police package that is also offered by Alpine Armoring, can be available for civilian, corporate and other private use. The Pit-Bull redefines the concept of vehicular protection, offering unparalleled safety features without entirely sacrificing comfort and drivability. In this review, we’ll delve into the features, benefits, and any potential shortcomings of a multi-purpose, fully-protective truck.

Features and Benefits

Armoring Capabilities

The heart of the Pit-Bull VX’s appeal lies in its armoring. Certified to meet or exceed NIJ-III and European BR6 standards, with minimum protection at A9 level  it stops high-caliber rounds and explosive devices. The vehicle’s armoring philosophy encompasses not just the passenger compartment but extends to critical vehicle components such as the engine bay, fuel tank, and battery, ensuring that it remains operational even under attack.


Powered by a robust engine (often a high-torque diesel), the Pit-Bull VX manages to balance its heavy armor with outstanding performance. It’s equipped with a four-wheel-drive system, allowing it to navigate challenging terrains with respectable departure and approaching angles. It is important to note that the added weight from armoring does affect its speed and fuel efficiency compared to a standard SUV or truck.

Comfort and Space

Despite its focus on security, the interior of the Pit-Bull VX doesn’t neglect comfort. It can comfortably seat up to 12 passengers, with configurations available for additional equipment or cargo space. The high-quality finish and noise insulation keep the interior surprisingly serene, an impressive feat given the vehicle’s heavy weight and protective shell.

Technology and Extras

The Pit-Bull VX can be outfitted with a range of technological enhancements, from advanced communication systems to surveillance and night-vision capabilities. Optional features like fire suppression systems, gunports, power windows, emergency exits, and heavy duty run-flat tires emphasize its role as a comprehensive security solution.


Size and Maneuverability

The very features that make the Pit-Bull VX so secure also contribute to its primary drawbacks. Its large footprint can make it challenging to navigate tight urban environments, and parking can be an issue. Additionally, the weight (estimated to be around 17K-20K pounds) impacts its acceleration and fuel consumption.

Overkill for Some

For individuals or entities whose security needs do not require such an extreme level of protection, the Pit-Bull VX can be overkill. Its capabilities are beyond what’s necessary for everyday personal security, making it more suited to high-risk operations or environments.


Alpine Armoring’s Pit-Bull VX stands as a testament to what modern armoring technology can achieve, offering unmatched protection for its occupants. Its combination of defensive features, passenger comfort, and technological enhancements make it an exceptional, albeit niche, vehicle. While its size, cost, and perhaps over-preparedness for everyday scenarios might deter some, for those in the market for such a specialized mode of transport, the Pit-Bull VX represents the pinnacle of armored personnel carriers. Whether for military, law enforcement, or high-risk civilian use, it offers peace of mind in scenarios where threats are a real and present danger at a reasonable price.

More information about the Pit-Bull VX is available at Alpine Armoring’s web site.